About Us


Premier Events is the one source, for all your event needs.


Whether you are planning a corporate event, celebrating a life event, hosting a fundraising Gala or planning a wedding, Premier Events will customize and deliver all your needs based on your specific budget.


With our experience and knowledge, we can advise you on where you should invest your money, and where you can save. We can provide all of the services needed to complete your event with our wide network of area vendors and resources.


Premier Events specializes in event design, decor and custom elements. Yes, we can create that Instagram vision you’re drooling over! There's no need to take on the task of DIY-ing it, only to end up with a Pinterest fail! Our wide inventory of decor, combined with our talents to create custom pieces and elements... means you will end up saving money, time, and stress. 


Request a free Consultation. and see how Premier Events can stretch your budget, deliver your vision and exceed expectations!